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Ever since I return #1

My first ever blog posted since I'm back in the island. 
In a blink of an eye, I've been back for almost a month. Readjusting myself back to Malaysia and reconnecting with the people I've known was what I've been doing, up till today.
Basically, I told myself "keep moving on" since the day I settled myself down in Malaysia. I was afraid that giving myself too much of a free time will only make me miss the exchange year, miss the family and friends from the other side of the world. Nevertheless, I was good seeing all the old faces back again. 
Day by day as I filled my planner with my activities and plans, it feels like I'm really back in Malaysia. Where were those days where I can do cross stitch in the living, simply surf on the Internet and YouTube, cuddling myself in the sofa for TV time and what's more ? The truth is, I was back but things carried on. I'm carried away. One after another and I'm now already a month in Malaysia. 
Time flies.…

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