Ever since I return #1

My first ever blog posted since I'm back in the island. 

In a blink of an eye, I've been back for almost a month. Readjusting myself back to Malaysia and reconnecting with the people I've known was what I've been doing, up till today.

Basically, I told myself "keep moving on" since the day I settled myself down in Malaysia. I was afraid that giving myself too much of a free time will only make me miss the exchange year, miss the family and friends from the other side of the world. Nevertheless, I was good seeing all the old faces back again. 

Day by day as I filled my planner with my activities and plans, it feels like I'm really back in Malaysia. Where were those days where I can do cross stitch in the living, simply surf on the Internet and YouTube, cuddling myself in the sofa for TV time and what's more ? The truth is, I was back but things carried on. I'm carried away. One after another and I'm now already a month in Malaysia. 

Time flies. 

I've been through my AFS post-return orientation camp. It was a blast. It was a year ago seeing all the similar faces. A year ago, we were gathered in this campsite. A year ago, we were all excited and nervous about our exchange. A year ago, we were all panic and asked the returnees, how should we prepare ourselves? A year later, here we are standing together as returnees sharing each other's experiences. It's always so interesting to hear each other's stories. We were all amazed how we overcame the circumstances and hurdles through the year. 

you guys are amazing in your own ways.
Apart from sharing my AFS experiences, readjusting from cultural shock and reconnecting, school/university/college is something on of the returnees don't miss. 

This is my 2nd week of college life in SEGi. It's been nice and fine. Assignments and tasks have been put on our shoulders. Cheers to all the group works and hope for smooth going for discussions and assignments. 

Besides from all these hustle and bustle, I can't wait to get back to cross stitch and all my hobbies. 

Love and thanks for reading,